Proposed amended constitution to be presented on June 17th 2014

1. Title The group will be called the ‘Friends of Alexandra Park’ (the Friends) 2. Purpose The purpose of the Friends is to help keep Alexandra Park (the Park) attractive, well maintained and a distinctive green space with outstanding views … read more

Agenda June 17th 2014

The 5th Alexandra Park Forum annual public meeting will be held on 17th June at 7 pm in the Bowls Club Agenda: 1. Introduction and adoption of agenda 2. Chairperson’s report 3. Treasurer’s report 4. Proposals to change the Forum’s … read more

Public Meeting 2014

We will be holding our 2014 public meeting on 17th June starting at 7 pm. As in the past, this is kindly being hosted by the Bath Bowls Club in their clubhouse in the park. Everyone welcome! The agenda and … read more

Purpose and aims

Purpose (Why do we exist?) To keep Alexandra Park as an attractive, well maintained, distinctive green space with outstanding views over Bath and the surrounding area; accessible, used and valued by all sections of the community. Aims (What are we … read more

Public Meeting June 2013

MINUTES 1 MEETING AGENDA The agenda circulated before the meeting was adopted. The chair, Julian David, welcomed everyone.   2 CHAIR’S REPORT Julian David outlined the year’s activities which he put into five categories. 1.      Lobbying the council to maintain … read more


Alexandra Park Forum CONSTITUTION      1.            Title 1.1.The group will be called the ‘Alexandra Park Forum’ (the forum)                    2.            Purpose The purposes of the forum are:- a.       to facilitate community participation in discussions about the management and improvement of … read more

Report of Cafe Consultation 2012

1.     Introduction In March 2012, the B&NES parks department manager responsible for Alexandra Park reported that he had had a second approach from a company interested in the possibility of running a café in Alexandra Park and asked for the … read more

Public Meeting June 2011

Minutes 1.   Introduction  and adoption of Agenda Apologies from Malcolm Ashman. It was noted that a representative from the Parks Dept   not present. Julian David welcomed those present to the first AGM of the Forum. 2.    Chairman’s report Julian … read more

Public Meeting May 2010

Minutes In the absence of Martin Broadbent, Julian David opened the meeting and welcomed attendees. Marian McNair sent her apologies. Julian gave a short summary of how the informal committee had started and what it had done so far. He … read more

Public Meeting June 2012

Minutes 1. INTRODUCTION Julian David (Chair) introduced the meeting. Apologies were given by Geoffrey Lee (Treasurer) and Simon Memory (Parks Dept) 2. CHAIR’S REPORT Julian gave his review of the year’s activity using the aims of the Forum as follows: … read more