Agenda June 17th 2014

The 5th Alexandra Park Forum annual public meeting will be held on 17th June at 7 pm in the Bowls Club


1. Introduction and adoption of agenda
2. Chairperson’s report
3. Treasurer’s report
4. Proposals to change the Forum’s name and to amend the constitution (see separate tab)
5. Election of officers for 2014/2015
6. Future plans
7. Any other business

Nominations for any Forum position (chair, deputy chair, secretary, events sub-committee chair, treasurer) should be sent to the secretary (e-mail by 16th June.

The current deputy chairperson, secretary and treasurer are standing again. The post of chairperson of the events sub-committee is currently unfilled. The current chairperson has already stood for re-election three times. If there is no nomination for chair and the proposed amendments to the constitution are approved, he is willing to stand again.


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