Minutes of 2014 Annual Public Meeting

Tuesday 17th June, 2014

1. Introduction and adoption of Agenda – agreed.

2. Chairperson’s Report:

Julian David highlighted all the achievements and awards throughout the year –
Picnic in the Park – community event
Business Challenges and Community Payback – volunteers
Green Flag and In your Neighbourhood – awards
Volunteer commitment and activities – Alexandra Park Friends
Survey to establish needs and wants of the community
Challenges: Parking, Planning application for the toilet block and Budget pressures within B&NES.
Thanks to all officers and volunteers.
Full details on the above topics available on www.alexandraparkbath.org

3. Treasurer’s Report:

Financial accounting year changed to 1st January to 31st December. Thanks to Vicki Skelsey for auditing accounts. Current Funds: £2,467.30

4. It was agreed to change the constitution as follows :

a. Rename the group ‘Alexandra Park Friends’;
b. Update the ‘Purpose’;
c. Amend the rules governing re-election.

5. There being no new nominations for any position within the Alexandra Park Forum Committee the current officers were nominated and re-elected as follows:

Chair – Julian David
Vice Chair – Collin Carr
Treasurer – Geoffrey Lee
Secretary – Lesley Baker
Events Sub-Committee Chair – No nominees

6. Future Plans:

a) Trish Davidson has offered to organise an event in 2015 and this was accepted and the committee will work with her.
b) Volunteers will continue to top up B&NES maintenance and commitment, improve planting and horticultural knowledge.
c) APF to monitor Toilet Block proposals
d) Recent survey will be analysed to establish community requirements.
e) Proposal for an Orientation table with Heritage Lottery funding has been included in the Bath Scape Project.

7. AOB: Comments from the floor ranged from:

a) Questioning the amount of future planting.
b) Parking in the lower field of the school for staff.
c) Transport Department to consider all proposals regarding parking in the area and make a decision for action in 2016.
d) School staff smoking and leaving dog ends by toilet block.
e) The provision of a sponsored Alexandra Park Calendar depicting the many and varied aspects of the park month/by month.
Not all comments directly involve the Park – however, those that do will be discussed at the next upcoming meeting on 3rd July.
For more information, please visit: www.alexandraparkbath.org. Or email: alexandrapark@btinternet.com. Tweet @AlexandraPark3

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