Park pillar demolished again

Pillar 1 red

In November, for the fourth time in three years, the left hand gate pillar into the park was knocked down, this time by a coach. We are talking to the council, the Bear Flat Association and the school about what needs to be done to try to stop this happening again.

New Equipment






Thanks to local councillors, David Bellotti and Katie Hall, the park now has an all-weather table tennis table, a recycling bin at the main viewing area and several additional rubbish bins. Thanks!

The council will be removing the dog waste bins as they are no longer required (as well as looking very dilapidated). Dog waste can now be put in ‘normal’ bins. Signs to this effect will be put on the bins soon.

Change of name

2014 Logo Low Res smallIn 2014 we changed our name to ‘Alexandra Park Friends’ to reflect more exactly what we are and what we do. The old name reflected the origin of the group which was a ‘forum’ of ‘stakeholders’ where problems relating to the park were discussed. We have now developed a very active volunteering side and organized a number of successful events, all activities more related to a ‘friends group’. The meetings with other stakeholders will of course continue.

 Sprites in the Park!

Thanks to the creative efforts of the children at our 2014 ‘Spring Event’, several trees near the main entrance sprouted ‘tree sprites’! Here are a few –

Tree Sprite 7Tree Sprite 5Tree Sprite 6

Tree Sprite 3Tree Sprite 4Tree Sprite 1

Our thanks to Jayne for organising the materials and to Denise Hart for giving us permission to use the trees. The materials will wash away naturally in due course.

Denise Hart 1 sqDuring the day, Denise also told the children about trees and their importance to the environment.


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