No AGM held in 2021

No annual general meeting was held this year because of the ongoing presence of the Covid virus, but the Chairman of Alexandra Park Friends has produced this report.

The last 12 months has been difficult for everyone coping with lockdowns and restricted activity. As a consequence, Alexandra Park Friends (APFs) has had to adjust to the ever changing circumstances but we have tried to continue to look after the park, ensuring that at all times we are not exposing anyone to additional risk.

We have been able to keep the area clear of litter even though the park has attracted a significant number of impromptu social events, which has ensured that the litter levels remain high. APFs members have been litter picking early in the morning and late at night, ensuring that the good condition of the park is always maintained.

The two wild flower beds were reseeded but this year no children were invited to help. It was carried out quietly and we were all able to enjoy a significant splash of colour throughout the summer, which helped to raise everyone’s spirits.

Our Green Flag status was retained. However, the flag itself has gone missing, which remains a mystery.

The bird boxes have been inspected and cleaned. Information about the state of the nests etc. has been recorded, adding to our growing library of information. The hundred-plus whips that we planted in the park are growing and they will soon be mature enough to provide additional food for the birds.

We now have a free standing storage unit in the park which is proving to be an invaluable asset. We can now keep all APF’s equipment on site, in the unit, whereas before everything was stored in members’ garages and garden huts. 

The two observation tables at the lower and main viewing areas are becoming a recognised feature for visitors to Bath. On a fine day a significant number of tourists will climb up the steps to enjoy the magnificent views. They can also enjoy refreshments at the Choux Box which is a new part-time addition to the park. 

At present the Choux Box is powered by a generator. Understandably, complaints have been made about the noise and the fumes coming from this generator. However, we have been assured by the council that an existing electricity supply within the park, will be extended to power the Choux Box. This improvement will be well received by all park-users.

The children’s play area has been revamped and now includes equipment designed for children who have restricted mobility. It is proving to be a very popular addition and on a sunny day it is always very lively and loud, which is exactly as it should be.

As expected, the latest very popular “Picnic in the Park” event had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. APF’s are currently reviewing this event alongside all the other activities to ensure that the park remains a place of peace and beauty as well as enjoyment.

In conclusion, it has been a very difficult time for everyone. The park itself has become even more important and relevant to people’s lives in the area. APF volunteers have continued to function throughout this very restricted time, making sure that the park remains in good order for everyone’s enjoyment.

Collin Carr 

(Chair, Alexandra Park Friends)

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