Bird nesting boxes

There are now 14 in the trees of the park and they are proving popular with avian inhabitants. Tits, wrens, sparrows, and many other birds are common visitors.

Park volunteer Andrew Lawrence writes, “We put up the first five a few years ago, but then Beechen Cliff School asked us if we needed any more, as they had some wooden organ pipes which could be modified as a project for some of their technology students. We jumped at the opportunity and sought the advice of John Yates of the RSPB as to what would work here.”

“The boxes are situated at various points around the park, and there are plans to put up an owl box later, as various owls live in the Beechen Cliff woods.”

We hope you enjoy seeing and hearing the bird activity in the park. Do let us know if you spot any unusual visitors, like this redwing, photographed by David Kennedy in the park last winter.

A winter visitor.

A winter visitor.

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