Essential tree work in Alexandra Park and on Beechen Cliff

The Council’s tree team, with the assistance of Greenman –   Environmental Tree Services, will be carrying out essential tree works within Beechen Cliff and Alexander Park.These tree works need to be carried out at the earliest opportunity and before the start of the bird nesting season. Some of the mature Beech trees needs to be reduced so they can be retained for future years. Unfortunately one of the Beech trees will need to be felled, as it has now come to its end of life, with a fungus commonly known as brittle cinder. The arboricultural term is Kretzschmaria deusta, which causes a breaking down of both celluloseand lignin,  decaying the trunk and/or roots of living trees, to the point where the tree can fail.

The tree works are planned to start Monday 18th February with felling taking place on Tuesday 19th February. On grass areas where damage has occurred will be reinstated as soon as possible.

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