Picnic in the Park – July 2012

Well! Who’d have thought that we could be so lucky two years in a row and pick the only day with significant sunshine for the Picnic-in-the-Park!

All told, another wonderful day, only made possible by so many of you risking the weather to come out to enjoy yourselves. Again a wonderful atmosphere and a most relaxing afternoon. We even managed to get the tree climbing organised (a big thank you to the Norton Radstock College team)! A big thank you also to all the bands (Blue Grays, Blakk Death ( here’s a link to some videos of them – http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBlakkDeth) , Agent Philby and the Funtans, One Mississippi Two and No mean Feast), the Walcot State Choir and the Widcombe Mummers who entertained us so well

Some pictures to remind you of the day and to show those who couldn’t come what they missed will follow in a day or so.



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