3rd Community Action Day

For our third community action day on 31 March we started to prepare the two areas selected for wild flower seeding. The council parks department had already rotavated the two areas but before seeding (planned as part of the ‘Spring Event on 22 April), they need raking to remove the grass roots and weeding along the edges.

Rotavating the area in the northwest corner

Rotavating the area by the main gate

Weeding the area by the main gate

Weeding the area by the main gate

However, more work needs to be done! We are holding further sessions as follows –

Tuesday 10 April starting at 10 am
Tuesday 10 April starting at 5 pm
Saturday 14 April starting at 10 am

For all sessions meet by the gate with gardening gloves and either a garden fork or garden rake.

Even if you can only spend a short time do come along and help. If you cannot be there for the start, we normally carry on for 2 hours so join us when you can.

If you cannot manage any of the times/dates, do feel free to come along at any time and do some weeding! Leave what you dig up in a neat pile and we will arrange removal.

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